Mistakes when you are throwing a party

Mistakes when you are throwing a party

House parties or any other kind of partying is extremely amusing, so it is very popular. Many people don’t think too much before they throw a party, just call people, buy drinks and download latest songs. There are several mistakes in this ‘’planning’’. The first and most common is inviting your friends. Inviting people too late of too soon will have negative results on your party. If you call people too soon, they will think you are crazy, or obsessive! And they will choose not to come! If you are sending invitations too late, many of your friends already have plans, so they cannot come either! The right time for sending invitations is 2 weeks before your party. Posting details of your party on social media is very useful!

Sending invitations is the easiest step in throwing a party! After you sent all invitations, you should count how many people will come. The most common mistake is having no enough space, food and drinks for all people who will come. You should count all people you invited and be prepared for 30% more. Because your friends may decide to come with a friend or girlfriend. It is better to buy more food and drinks than to stay without it. Your guests will leave as soon you run out of the drinks!

Besides food and drinks, you should make sure that your bathroom is clean. Almost every guest will use it, at least once! People usually don’t pay attention to the bathroom and other rooms when throwing a party. This is mistake as well! All values and important things should stay in a locked room! Your friends are not the danger, but other people who may come are!