Chasing and get-together culture, likewise called searching society, any gathering of individuals that depends principally on wild sustenance for subsistence. Until around 12,000 to 11,000 years prior, when agribusiness and creature training developed in southwest Asia and in Mesoamerica, all people groups were seekers and gatherers. Their procedures have been exceptionally various, depending significantly upon the neighborhood environment; searching methods have included chasing or catching big game, chasing or catching littler creatures, angling, gathering shellfish or creepy crawlies, and assembling wild plant sustenance.

Where both chasing and social occasions are polished, grown-up men normally chase bigger amusement and ladies and their youngsters and grandchildren gather stationary sustenance, for example, plants, shellfish, and bugs; forager moms by and large wean their kids at around three or four years old, and youthful kids have neither the tolerance nor the quiet needed to stalk diversion. Then again, the catch of littler amusement and fish can be finished by any generally versatile individual, and procedures in which gatherings drive warm-blooded animals, fowls, and fish into long nets or fenced in areas are really enlarged by the commotion and development of youngsters.

The extent of societies that depend singularly after chasing and social affair has decreased through time. Some Central and South American societies and most European, Asian, and African people groups depended upon tamed sustenance sources, albeit some disengaged zones in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Siberia kept on supporting full-time foragers. Interestingly, Australia and the Americas were supporting numerous chasing and social event social orders around then. Albeit chasing and social occasion practices have continued in numerous social orders, by the mid 21st century searching was sought after to keep up social conventions, to supplement paid work, or to supplement subsistence horticulture as opposed to as any society's financial pillar.