How to Throw the Best Party

How to Throw the Best Party

Throwing a party can be great fun, but it can also be tremendously stressful. Are you planning to host a good house party and need last minute pointers? Here are some helpful tips on throwing a memorable party your guests will never forget.


Structure refers to how you arrange your house for a party. There are 4 fundamental points in your party space: entrance, bar, food, and music. Keep them separate. And be sure to have open space in between, preferably open to the entrance. Don't be afraid to shift some furniture. Set the table the night before, when you have extra time to consider the decor touches, place settings, and serving platters to make sure everything fits and looks how you want it to.

Proper Lighting

There should be good light at the entrance, levels should be brighter in the rest of the house at first and then dim for intimacy, dark for dancing. As the evening goes on, the lights should go down and the music should go up. One way to do this is to have candles and lights going early then turn off some lights as the party progresses.


Stick with recipes you know. To lessen your stress levels, stick with tried-and-true recipes you've made several times, ones you know are delicious and doable. Plan your menu around a variety of cooking methods so that you're not relying solely on one element to cook everything. If you're not finished cooking when your guests arrive, don't worry. Set out a platter of nibbles (cheese, crackers, nuts, olives), and serve glasses of wine for everyone, and let your guests mix and mingle while you finish up in the kitchen.

Good Flow

As a host or hostess, you can help ensure good flow. Introduce people continuously, keep food and drinks flowing so no one has to find them, keep moving and don’t get stuck at your own party, rearrange odd chairs or tables whenever necessary, and adjust the scene over time (e.g. music up, lights down).