Chocolate Chip Brownies With Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Chip Brownies With Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate chip brownie cake with chocolate frosting is a great dessert to make. This dessert is especially good to make with children; this is because there are not many ingredients involved, and it does not take long to make this dessert, either.

The main ingredients for this dessert are: brownie mix, an egg, olive oil, a pan, chocolate chips, and chocolate frosting. This process is started by cracking the egg into a bowl, and then the olive oil and cake mix can be added in. At this point it would be wise to put the oven on 350 degrees. 

The next step would be to mix everything within the bowl. After the entire bowl is filled with brownie batter, the next step would be to throw in two handfuls of chocolate chips. It would be good to mix the brownie batter a little more; this is so the chocolate chips are distributed evenly. 

The next step is to pour the brownie batter into a pan, and then the pan should go in the oven. This should cook for approximately 19 minutes, and then it’s time to take it out of the oven. It would be best to keep it in a safe spot with a piece on aluminum foil over it for several minutes. 

After this cooling process, it is then time to put chocolate frosting over the cake. The cake should then be left in a cool spot until the time comes to eat it. All people who have made this cake have had great success with it.