Tips to throw the best house party

Tips to throw the best house party

There are lots of things that need to be done before having a party. Some of them are:

The most important thing is to have lots of people. Call people and tell them to come. I like to have about 10-20 people. Remember to invite both girls and boys; this isn't a sausage fest guide.

Once you have lots of people coming, clean the house. If you have lots of clothes and things lying around, just throw them in a room and lock it. Make sure there are no expensive things you are afraid of laying on the table or anything. Make some space in the fridge, so people can put their drinks in there when they arrive.

There will be lots of noise at their parties, so tell your neighbors about. Just make a little note and tell them that there will be noise.
A party without music is like a pool without water. If you don't already have speakers, buy some 2.1 speakers.

People will get drunk, people will make mistakes and people will spill beer on the carpet. Don't get mad at them. Just tell them it's alright and nothing to worry about. Also thank them for letting you know. Getting angry won’t help you get the carpet clean, it will only make people feel bad.

Things you need to have the best house party ever:
Music - Dance music, not Beatles or anything else you may have on your iPod
Alcohol - This will get people in a happy mood
People - Most important, fun people
Food - If people get hungry
Chips - Just a bowl with chips for snacks
Cards - For drinking games
Guitar - For playing and singing along
Fridge with space - So people can have their alcohol
Clean bathroom - Obviously
At least 1 free room - For people to have a break from your awesome party!