How to Throw an Amazing College Party

How to Throw an Amazing College Party

This is the one stop hop to throw an amazing college party. Be you in a fraternity, sorority, or just a person who likes to entertain.

Have a good location. If this is the first REAL party you have thrown, you probably won't be able to make your guests travel more that 10min from their homes. keep that in mind.

Make sure your party has a theme! Sure parties can be fun with just basic drinking games and general drunkenness, but that is not what a real party is. That is an over sized get together. A theme is always fun, no matter how lame you might think it is. Women especially love to go to theme parties. So if you are a guy trying to get a lot of ladies to your party it MUST have a theme! Below is a list of some neat theme ideas.

Know your budget! Each theme below has either one to three ($) to give you an idea of how expensive a party can get. Note this includes alcohol costs as well. Only you, the host, know what you are willing to spend and it is always possible to as a small cover charge upon entry.

Figure out event security. It's not just making sure people don't get into fights, it's also about making sure cops do not break up the party over a noise complaint or obvious underage drinking.

Advertise! This is usually done through colorful and well-inspired flyers, Facebook group, and/or word of mouth. Websites like http://whatup2nite.com/ also provide a nice platform to advertise your college events to a wide audience for free.

Establish a clean up crew. Do this as just another portion of you initial party plans, because, lets face it, no matter how many trash cans you have, drunk people never use them!

Have a play list made specifically for your party. Each theme has a different type of play list.