Fun Wild West Party

Fun Wild West Party

Draw a straightforward shape, for example, a cactus, cowhand cap or boot. Fold paper fifty-fifty along left edge of outline and remove both layers. 
Compose the welcome data on plain list cards and wrap every in a red bandanna (cut down the middle if coveted). Tie shut with jute or cocoa string (to take after a tether). 
Photocopy pictures of cows, Western film characters, or Western view, for example, mountains and prairies. Have your tyke help you shading in the pictures, then glue onto the front of clear cards. 
Compose "Needed!" on the front of clear ivory-shaded cards or chestnut development paper (collapsed to fit envelopes), then inside compose, "Reason: To go to Paul's birthday gathering!" Fill in the date, address, et cetera, then complete with something like "Prize: Cake and fun!" 


Go to a neighborhood cultivate and get a couple bunches of roughage for youngsters to sit on. 
Get some riding tack - seat, harness, stirrups, horseshoes, and cowpoke caps.
Make "Needed" publications (see movement page). 
Attach red bandannas to the bunch on your inflatables, use bandannas as napkins or as chin-wipers. 
Spread serving zones with gingham checked materials. 
Make some burlap sacks of gold tied with twine and set out with huge desert plant plants (or cucumber cactus, made by securing cucumbers in dirt pots with sand and embedding heaps of toothpicks (for thistles). 
Indian hoods, fake-hide "bear skin" carpets, curls of rope, and tin sheriff's identifications are likewise fun.