“Cupcake Wars” and “The Cake Boss” reviewed Source: Gstatic

“Cupcake Wars” and “The Cake Boss” reviewed

Both the “Cupcake Wars” and “The Cake Boss” are American reality TV shows. They both are based on competition between teams, but there are vast differences in both. Let’s review them.

Premiered back in the year 2009, the show revolves around the creation of unique cupcakes - as the name may suggest. It’s hosted by Justin Willman. The show begins with four contestants who are all professional bakers. The bakers have to create the cupcakes that not only look like a perfect ten, but it has to be a 10/10 for taste as well. The contestants have three rounds of elimination to compete for the top prize. The final round is when two of the teams have to make a 1000 cupcake display. The display is a public event. Winners receive a $10,000 cash prize.

Cake Boss

The show follows the daily operation of a cake shop run by an Italian-American family. The show throws light on how the unique edible cakes are created for special occasions, such as birthdays, christenings, receptions, theme-based parties. The cakes are created at the shop. Each episode features two cakes. The interpersonal relationships within the family are also focused so every episode is a story-based one. The star of the reality TV show is owner of the shop “Buddy”; youngest of the family and also, the baker. The show highlights how a family business operates. Working with family, there are some tense moments and raised voices turn into a screaming match in no time. The language of the characters is not always for tender ears as sometimes there are heated arguments.